Sunday Dinner on a budget

A few people have reached out to me to ask how I manage to make my roast dinners for so little money. So, I am going to base prices for the recipe on today’s prices at Tesco (that is where I shop). The biggest cost with those who want to save money is when theyContinue reading “Sunday Dinner on a budget”

Week 7: Gousto, offers, more food & a confession!

Another Sunday, another post. The last week has been a good week. We’ve enjoyed bike rides, park trips, outdoor movies and as a bonus…there’s only one more week left of home learning! I cannot wait to get back in to a routine. My first botanical babe A&E plant sub box arrived. I bought this offContinue reading “Week 7: Gousto, offers, more food & a confession!”

Extra Income💵

Hello! From my last post it started to show that barely anybody knew about Shopandscan. I then started thinking about some other ways we save money and thought you might all like me to share these with you. Some of these might seem obvious but lots of people also seem to think it’s a wasteContinue reading “Extra Income💵”

Valentine’s & weekly update

Today many of us will be feeling the love ❤️ Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s or Galentines it is always good to do it on a budget. Normally, if we are celebrating something then it will be a trip to a restaurant or a night away. Lockdown put a stop to that and no spendContinue reading “Valentine’s & weekly update”

Plan Plan & Plan again

It’s that time of the week where i’ve to order our weekly shop. I know this probably isn’t a very exciting post but hopefully this can show you that it is possible to shop for a family of 4 for not very much and still eat well. We have a Tesco delivery saver as forContinue reading “Plan Plan & Plan again”

Be a savvy student

As I have mentioned previously I am a University student. A (Im)mature one but still a student. Being without a regular income suddenly can be difficult to get your head around. Budgeting and planning is your best friend if you want to leave without massive debts. Here are a few things that I have foundContinue reading “Be a savvy student”

Top 5 savings tips to help towards our goal

Now I am by no means as you can tell great at saving YET! However, these are the things I find that have helped me in the past month and they might help you too. These are simple and really we should have done them sooner! Budgeting Use a budget sheet. This could be aContinue reading “Top 5 savings tips to help towards our goal”