Week 5 update: Always about the food!

This week was a successful one. We didn’t spend any extra money. In fact, I made some money by selling off bits we don’t use or need through Facebook and Ebay. We made £40.69 so added that to our savings! Nice little bonus. Next week will be the week we update our monthly savings totalContinue reading “Week 5 update: Always about the food!”

A souper saving! (See what I did there?)

Homemade lentil soup for this weeks lunches. Easy to make, much tastier with less nasties than prepacked. Recipe: Ham Hough/hock 3 potatoes 2 sweet potatoes 1 leek 4 carrots 3 vegetable stock cubes 250g of lentils 6 litres of water Peel, roughly chop the veg and pop everything in to a big soup pot (3Continue reading “A souper saving! (See what I did there?)”