Week 9 update: Be kind to yourself!

This week has been another busy one. Deadlines, general family life & just spending time together has taken centre stage this week. No fancy meals this week. For those of you who come here for the food then head to my instagram. I try to update that daily. There might even be some actual cookingContinue reading “Week 9 update: Be kind to yourself!”

On the road to being debt free. Debt and how to tackle it…

Head on is the answer! Burying your head in the sand, binning letters and ignoring phone calls will not help. The letters will still arrive, the phone will still ring, and the debt is probably increasing. I’ve been there. I got out a long time ago but that didn’t mean we still didn’t have debt.Continue reading “On the road to being debt free. Debt and how to tackle it…”

Getting personal – Mental health matters

This might be a bit of a heavy post but this is something we need to talk more about. Mental Health. It’s no secret that 2020 was awful for the majority of us. Key workers struggling to spend time with their families, hospital staff seeing things they never thought they would, children unable to seeContinue reading “Getting personal – Mental health matters”