What we won’t scrimp on…

I’ve talked a lot about what we save money on but there are some things we won’t compromise on. In general it isn’t because we can’t save on these item but it’s the old “Buy cheap and buy twice” for me. Here are 5 things we won’t scrimp on: Shoes – Shoes protect your feet.Continue reading “What we won’t scrimp on…”

Week 4 update! Another Sunday, another savings update!

One month down! I don’t know what happened but, this month and week just disappeared! We didn’t do anything overly special but that’s lockdown life 🤷‍♀️ This weekend my friend Sarah from sarahwithersblogs came to stay (she is in our extended household). We played some online quiz games. Ate plenty food & had some gin!Continue reading “Week 4 update! Another Sunday, another savings update!”