Food glorious food!

Ever bought dessert waffles from a takeaway? You spend 30 minutes waiting and then it costs £30 to feed you and the kids! You usually are too full and end up leaving half…Sound familiar? Well, i just made these for 35p each! Yes, the waffle maker is an expense (we were lucky that the oldestContinue reading “Food glorious food!”

Top 5 savings tips to help towards our goal

Now I am by no means as you can tell great at saving YET! However, these are the things I find that have helped me in the past month and they might help you too. These are simple and really we should have done them sooner! Budgeting Use a budget sheet. This could be aContinue reading “Top 5 savings tips to help towards our goal”

Slight update to where was our money going?!

This is just a super quick post about unnecessary spending which i will elaborate on more in a further post. However, I am so shocked and feel so unwell about my findings that I have to share! After all the whole point in this blog is to be honest about our spending and saving evenContinue reading “Slight update to where was our money going?!”

Where was our money going?

Where was our money going? That’s the biggest question we keep asking ourselves! We didn’t know! We sat down, went through our bank accounts and worked out as percentages where our biggest spends were. Our bills were the biggest spend at 56% of our spending, food was 23% and gifts at 8%. Everything else wasContinue reading “Where was our money going?”