Lockdown 2.0 – Birthday Edition🎂

One of the reasons we decided to start our no spend was because we had overspent on gifts last year. We felt so guilty that both of our children couldn’t celebrate their birthdays, Christmas wasn’t the same. Can’t have parties. It was awful watching them so we spoilt them. Not good for our bank account.Continue reading “Lockdown 2.0 – Birthday Edition🎂”

A typical week for us – Food edition

I was working out some costings for our meals and thought I would share. We could absolutely save more money by only having cereal for breakfast and soup for lunch but it’s Covid times and what else do we have to look forward to if not a slightly fancier meal! Below is what meals weContinue reading “A typical week for us – Food edition”

Week 3 – Moving closer to our goal

Do don’t doubt! I wish i’d taken my own advice earlier! This week was payday week. Usually this is the week where I feel atrocious. I panic that it goes in our account and then watch it go straight back out again! Well, this time that isn’t the case! I felt so much better becauseContinue reading “Week 3 – Moving closer to our goal”

Getting personal – Mental health matters

This might be a bit of a heavy post but this is something we need to talk more about. Mental Health. It’s no secret that 2020 was awful for the majority of us. Key workers struggling to spend time with their families, hospital staff seeing things they never thought they would, children unable to seeContinue reading “Getting personal – Mental health matters”

Plan Plan & Plan again

It’s that time of the week where i’ve to order our weekly shop. I know this probably isn’t a very exciting post but hopefully this can show you that it is possible to shop for a family of 4 for not very much and still eat well. We have a Tesco delivery saver as forContinue reading “Plan Plan & Plan again”

Be a savvy student

As I have mentioned previously I am a University student. A (Im)mature one but still a student. Being without a regular income suddenly can be difficult to get your head around. Budgeting and planning is your best friend if you want to leave without massive debts. Here are a few things that I have foundContinue reading “Be a savvy student”

Takeaway quality without the price – our Gousto introduction!

As a family we used to get takeaway on a Saturday evening at a cost of around £45. As I mentioned in a previous post as 2020 progressed our spending on takeaway food increased, massively. We spent a whopping £1890 between May and December on eating out and takeaways! I felt sick seeing that figure.Continue reading “Takeaway quality without the price – our Gousto introduction!”

Week 2 round up – Fresh air & exercise

This week felt slightly easier than last. Maybe it’s because we are getting used to not spending or maybe it’s because we are all busier. I’m back at Uni, Doug is back to work and the kids are both online schooling again. This week was the week we had our Gousto box arrive. We haveContinue reading “Week 2 round up – Fresh air & exercise”

A souper saving! (See what I did there?)

Homemade lentil soup for this weeks lunches. Easy to make, much tastier with less nasties than prepacked. Recipe: Ham Hough/hock 3 potatoes 2 sweet potatoes 1 leek 4 carrots 3 vegetable stock cubes 250g of lentils 6 litres of water Peel, roughly chop the veg and pop everything in to a big soup pot (3Continue reading “A souper saving! (See what I did there?)”