Week 7: Gousto, offers, more food & a confession!

Another Sunday, another post. The last week has been a good week. We’ve enjoyed bike rides, park trips, outdoor movies and as a bonus…there’s only one more week left of home learning! I cannot wait to get back in to a routine. My first botanical babe A&E plant sub box arrived. I bought this offContinue reading “Week 7: Gousto, offers, more food & a confession!”

What we won’t scrimp on…

I’ve talked a lot about what we save money on but there are some things we won’t compromise on. In general it isn’t because we can’t save on these item but it’s the old “Buy cheap and buy twice” for me. Here are 5 things we won’t scrimp on: Shoes – Shoes protect your feet.Continue reading “What we won’t scrimp on…”

Week 6 update and monthly savings total!

I haven’t posted much this week. I’ve been super busy with Uni work and general life (both children are still at home!). We’ve still been cooking though and spending lots of time together. The weather was good this weekend so we even managed to sort out the garden after winter killed off all the plants.Continue reading “Week 6 update and monthly savings total!”

We’re all going on a summer holiday🎶

A lot of people are excited about the prospect of being able to travel again. We are included but we won’t be travelling until 2022 now. However, as I was dealing with our already booked Florida holiday, we received an invite to a cousins wedding in Paphos next May. As we are no spend itContinue reading “We’re all going on a summer holiday🎶”

Week 5 update: Always about the food!

This week was a successful one. We didn’t spend any extra money. In fact, I made some money by selling off bits we don’t use or need through Facebook and Ebay. We made £40.69 so added that to our savings! Nice little bonus. Next week will be the week we update our monthly savings totalContinue reading “Week 5 update: Always about the food!”

Tidy house, tidy mind

I am no Mrs Hinch. I’m not entirely sure how that woman does everything! She does though and praise where it is due she does keep a clean and tidy home and she has a lovely family. I do enjoy watching her IG stories. It’s the self-titled “Hinch Army” I have a problem with asContinue reading “Tidy house, tidy mind”

Extra Income💵

Hello! From my last post it started to show that barely anybody knew about Shopandscan. I then started thinking about some other ways we save money and thought you might all like me to share these with you. Some of these might seem obvious but lots of people also seem to think it’s a wasteContinue reading “Extra Income💵”

Valentine’s & weekly update

Today many of us will be feeling the love ❤️ Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s or Galentines it is always good to do it on a budget. Normally, if we are celebrating something then it will be a trip to a restaurant or a night away. Lockdown put a stop to that and no spendContinue reading “Valentine’s & weekly update”

Kids activities on a budget

Part of our monthly budget is on entertainment. It is a small budget but what lockdown 1 & 2 have shown us is that we don’t need a lot of money to have fun! We’re quite lucky in the sense that my children enjoy spending time with us and couldn’t really care less about expensiveContinue reading “Kids activities on a budget”

Week 4 update! Another Sunday, another savings update!

One month down! I don’t know what happened but, this month and week just disappeared! We didn’t do anything overly special but that’s lockdown life 🤷‍♀️ This weekend my friend Sarah from sarahwithersblogs came to stay (she is in our extended household). We played some online quiz games. Ate plenty food & had some gin!Continue reading “Week 4 update! Another Sunday, another savings update!”