I’m back

It’s been almost 6 months since I last blogged on here. I have just been super busy with uni, family life, Christmas, thesis writing etc. Now thesis is coming to an end, I’m ready to get back to it! I’m going to change things up a bit and pop up a daily spending template on the Instagram page along with our main meal for the day and anything we purchased. I’m going to use this as more of a monthly savings tracker, recipes and any other rubbish I feel like sharing.

Christmas Market on Christmas Eve

I don’t think much has happened since July when I last blogged! We’ve just been spending lots of time together as a family. We went to Blackpool for a week which was good to get away for a bit.

Blackpool Tower

On the spending front?…We had some essential large purchases and also some non essential but after the most miserable 2 years we treated the children to a lovely Christmas. We did purchase a car so that wasn’t exactly inexpensive 🤷‍♀️ I am still running and calorie counting so i’m continuing to lose weight. I did try to hold off for as long as possible before I purchased new clothes (I’m still aiming to lose more weight so I don’t want to buy lots of clothes that wont fit for long), unfortunately, when my jeans started to fall down it became an emergency 😂 This also meant a new winter coat because mines had holes in the pockets! oops! Being frugal to us though means buying better so I haven’t bought a cheap jacket from Primark, I purchased a decent, sturdy one from Whistles that will last me for years. In the long term it will save me money. In 2021, I managed to complete 9 Conqueror Challenges and this year I hope to complete even more! The last one of the year was the Great Wall of China!

Last Conqueror Challenge of the year

Christmas dinner wasn’t a mega expensive affair, It cost me £5.46 per head which covered Christmas day & Boxing Day. I made Lentil soup, Pate & Melba toast, Prawn Cocktails, Poppy’s Smokey & Stout beef, Honey & Marmalade Gammon, Roast Potatoes and Veggies with all the usual trimmings. I managed to keep costs down by making my own stuffing and pigs in blankets, buying the main parts of the meal when they were on offer and freezing them, I made my own melba toast & soup. The most expensive part was the beef which I got from the butcher. I wasn’t stressed, nothing was wasted and we genuinely enjoyed our time together.

Boxing Day Dinner

To try and stop wastage we even made up our own charcuterie platter one night for dinner with the left over meats, cheese & crackers from New Years Eve. Nothing has gone to waste this year.

Charcuterie Board

I look forward to getting back in to this!

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