Week 14 update

This week was a good week. I am still crazy busy with uni work, family life & now the weather has settled a bit…gardening in the hope that I can have all my family and friends over for a BBQ in the near future. We did spend. We ordered in dinner one night 😮 I know!! However, we forgot to defrost something for dinner and it was getting super late. We didn’t spend a fortune. It was £14 and we got mixed kebabs. Not going to lie, I was so hungry that they were delicious! Still, won’t be doing it again!

This was also Gousto week! I love Gousto. Will never stop raving about it. It has honestly helped change our lifestyle because we no longer want takeaways and instead look forward to cooking together. You can get 50% off your first box and 30% off every other box in the month using this LINK or by entering the code ZARA42119711. You can pick how often you want them too so you aren’t tied in to getting them weekly. You get around 60 choices of meals and I have found Gousto by far the better choice as they’re more family friendly than other subscriptions we have tried. Even on weeks we don’t get the box we still make at least 1 or 2 of the meals from the recipe cards because they’re so delicious and are so quick and easy to make. Since getting the boxes we have also become more aware of our portion sizes especially when it comes to meat.

Gousto also have impeccable customer service. Unfortunately, my box hadn’t been looked after very well and the ingredients had been launched into it like a basketball into a hoop from looking at what came out of it. I managed to salvage some of it but to apologise Gousto did refund me 50% of the cost of my box and have passed my feedback to the warehouse. They have just moved and the operation has certainly grown lots during the last year for obvious reasons! It has not put me off ordering another box so we’ve kept our subscription. It also makes a change from one of the other subscription box companies where every week I had something missing and/or mouldy!

Below I will pop all of our meals below. Remember, Gousto will be £2.50 per meal initially full price but if you recreate it then it’s much cheaper e.g. the Chinese pork from below is a 5th of the price now that we recreate it.

This week we had:

Monday – Sweet & Sticky Chinese Style Pork – 630 Calories and only 57p per portion!

We love this dish. It was originally a gousto dish but we have made it time and time again because it is so tasty.

Tuesday – Kebabs – No idea on calories and expensive at £14 to feed us but it was either that or cereal 😆

It’s a takeaway kebab. No complaints really. Also no photo because I was so hungry.

Wednesday – Gousto Sweet ‘n’ Smoky BBQ Chicken Fajitas – 619 Calories and £2.50 per portion.

This is actually the most disappointing meal we have ever had from Gousto. Not bad going considering the amount of boxes we have had. It was tasteless and super expensive for what it was. Won’t be picking it as an option again and will stick with our homemade ones.

Thursday – Gousto Nacho Chilli Cheese Veggie Burger – 836 Calories and £2.50 per portion

These were the best meat substitute burgers we’ve had. The youngest wanted more and exclaimed “This is the best burger ever” this coming from a burger conniseur means something haha.

Friday – Gousto Korean Fried Chicken with Yang-Yum sauce – 943 Calories and £2.50 per portion.

This was the tastiest Gousto meal we have had. The high calories were completely worth it! This will be made time and time again. So simple and so full of flavour!

Saturday – Gousto Butter Chicken with added naan & pakora – 826 calories and £1.66 per portion.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had this meal. It’s really tasty and quick to make. We made our own chicken pakora to go with it and it was worth it.

Sunday – Sausages, Mash, Veg, Yorkshires and Gravy – 595 Calories for quorn sausages and 607 calories for Aberdeen angus steak sausages. £1.27 per portion

Nothing much to say about good old sausage and mash. Mines were veggie but still just as tasty.

Topped off with a banoffee protein waffle with fruit, Nutella & cream which was 325 Calories and cost less than 50p!

On Friday we went for a beautiful walk across the Tay Road Bridge. It was lovely. We then walked along to Mac Love for some Mac & Cheese which was delicious and then while the little ones got the bus back with Doug and my sister, the bigger child walked back with me. It was nice to spend some time together.

We then stopped at the play park before heading home. It isn’t often we get to do these things during the week but we’ve been lucky with the weather, the children being on Easter break, Doug being off work on holiday and me being free during the day! It’s been nice to spend time together.

The oldest child has started her own little art thing. She has been making these cartoon portraits and donating 25% of her profits to a local charity of her choice. I may be bias but for a 10 year old she’s doing good!

This was a self-portrait she did! If you want to help her out then her Instagram is @pic_perfect_by_Hannah. They are £10 each, as many people or animals as she can fit on the page, background or no background depending on what you want and £2.50 from each picture sale goes to charity. This month it is the local Maggies centre.

That is it for this week. Nice short update, Remember I’m always willing to give out recipes to those who want them! Thank you for continuing to follow us on our journey!

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