Week 13 update: Painting & baking

Another week, another update. Not a large one this time. In my last post I mentioned I had bought paint for the kitchen. Well, tada! Here it is. It was previously boring and white. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because I enjoy cooking so it is nice to be in a room that seems more welcoming.

Natural Sage Kitchen

I’ve also baked some chocolate chip banana bread to use up soe of the easter eggs lying about. This was so good!

Banana bread recipe:

50g butter, softened

90g caster sugar

1 egg

2 ripe bananas, mashed

110g self-raising flour

1tsp baking powder

2tbsp milk

¼ small easter egg broken in to chips

Mix it all together, pop in a 1Ib loaf tin and put in a fan oven at 140c for 40 mins.

Banana Bread

My latest A&E plant arrived from Botanical Babe. It was this calathea in the lovely pot it arrived in too. This just needs some food and water and it’ll come back. I’ve plants in every room in the house so at some point I may start running out of space! This is a subscription though so I receive one of these A&E plants a month.

My A&E Calathea

We regularly get our fruit and veg boxes from a local greengrocers called Clementines. They are amazing. The produce is so fresh and I never receive the same box twice! Look how beautiful this box is. This will feed us all for 2 weeks.

Fruit & Veg box

Meals for the week

Monday: Chicken Poutine & Garlic Butter Greens – £1.03 per portion and 547 calories

This was really good. Not as heavy as standard poutine and the chives in the gravy gave it a lovely taste.

Chicken Poutine

Tuesday: Pakora Battered Chicken Burger  With Onion Bahaji, Cheese, Mango Chutney & Mint Yoghurt – £1.06 per portion and 645 calories.

This was something I made up a couple of weeks ago but we enjoyed them so much I wrote the recipe down and made them again!

Pakora Burger

Wednesday: Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Filled with Mozarella with Mash & Garlic Kale – 95p per portion and 502 calories

I used to make this quite a lot and I’m not sure why I stopped because we really enjoy it! It’s also super quick and easy to make.

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken

Thursday: Curry – forgot photos 🤦‍♀️

Friday: Pizza night. 90p per portion. Calories depending on toppings but mine was 562

I made the dough from scratch and everybody got to pick their own toppings. I went with BBQ Chicken, pepperoni, mushroom, red pepper and cheese.

We always love pizza night because they taste so much better than shop bought, you don’t get charged £1for each different topping either! Much lower in calories and doesn’t taste like cardboard 😆

BBQ Chicken
Chicken & Prosciutto

Saturday: Harissa Halloumi Ciabattas with Wedges & Corn – £1.41 per portion and 655 Calories.

We had this a few weeks ago in our Gousto box and loved it so much we made it again. Instead of the carrot slaw we made corn on the cob.

Harissa Halloumi

Sunday: Proper Roast Chicken dinner with roasted carrots, fennel, green beans, potatoes & broccoli, Yorkshire puddings and Gravy – £1.20 per person and 623 Calories.

Earlier In the week I received our fruit & veg box from the greengrocers. I received some fennel in there and had absolutely no idea what to do with it. I put a message out on Facebook and a few people gave me some ideas. I went with the simple roast option as I was doing roast veggies anyway. I think what always put me off was the smell of liquorice. However, this did not taste like liquorice. It was actually quite tasty and I wouldn’t turn it down if offered it again.

Roast Chicken

It is Gousto time again this week. I’m looking really forward to it! Remember you get 50% off your first box and 30% off all boxes for the rest of the month by using my code ZARA42119711 or clicking HERE.

Today Hannah and I spent some time together in the kitchen. We made a Victoria sponge cake which we had after Sunday dinner. We also made a large batch of peppermint slice for treats throughout the week. Easter holidays can be expensive when I can’t keep the kids out of the cupboards!

Victoria Sponge
Peppermint slice

Loving the brighter, longer days but really need these strange snow showers to disappear so we can get some gardening done.

No uneccessary spend this week!

Wish us luck!

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