Week 11 short update & Gousto

This is super late! So late that week 12 is coming tomorrow 🤦‍♀️ However, I have just been really busy with the kids off of school for the Easter holidays and Uni deadlines approaching. Week 11 didn’t have anything super fancy going on. I bought some books using Waterstones vouchers and credit I had so I have spent a bit of time reading. As it was Easter I also made these cheesecake filled easter eggs.

Lemon Meringue
Kinder Bueno

These were made for friends and sold so i did make some money this week. I also managed to sell a few bits on Ebay and some other duplicate make-up and skincare bits I managed to sell on Facebook. I did make in total £232 last week! However, the money I gained from all of this paid for some paint for the kitchen, some new clothes for the children and a few bits to finish off the hallway. This meant I didn’t have to dip in to savings. The kitchen was boring and white before and nobody wants that! It was also the last room in the house that needed completing.

The hallway is just white but it’s the first “room” people see when they walk in to our house so a new rug, some new frames for the photos and this little side table did the trick. B&M have some amazing bits in at the moment! The table cost me £15 and the rug was also £15!

On Friday Hannah and I went to stay with my friend Sarah. She is in our extended household and was coming to stay over Easter so we thought we would go and spend some time with her. We did some facemasks, watched gogglebox and the circle😮 and caught up a bit. On the way back home we picked up some amazing easter treats from Monica. This womans brownies and bakes are amazing! If you’re ever in the area I suggest you get some!

I made frozen cocktails on Saturday for Sarah and I which were super delicious! Last year I purchased a Ninja Foodi multi-cooker which started an addiction. We now have the multi-cooker, the large grill and the 3-in-1 food processor which was used for the cocktails! Previously I have mentioned buying electrical items that are built to last. These are great quality. They are made by Shark Ninja (Yep, same brand as the shark vacuum cleaners). I very rarely use my oven now. Maybe used it a handful of times this year. It is basically just storage!

Berry Daquiri
Tropical Daquiri

Easter was spent having an egg hunt in the garden, having an indoor BBQ because it was too cold to go outside and then a proper Roast Beef dinner! Yum! 😋

This week was also Gousto week! I love a Gousto box. In fact I love them so much i’ve another coming next week! Remember you can get 50% off your first Gousto box and 30% off the rest of the month using the code ZARA42119711 or clicking here

We try to purchase from small businesses where possible. This week Hannah bought some little bowties for Chewey. These are really nice quality and only £5 each! She bought them from Gabby at giggle, snort & knit.

Monday: Cajun chicken linguine – £1.18 per portion and 529 calories.

This was absolutely delicious! I added mushrooms because I put them in pretty much everything 🤣

Tuesday: I would like to update you all but I cannot remember what we had! oops!

Wednesday: Gousto Garlic & Herb Stuffed Chicken. £2.04 per portion and 410 calories

This was so good! I will make this again!

Thursday: Gousto Portugeuse Style Pork Bifana Sandwiches. £2.04 per portion and 777 calories.

These so far are my favourite! Completely empty plates all around and Ben wanted more! These will become a staple meal for us.

Friday: Gousto Harrisa & Tomato Chicken. £2.04 and 483 Calories!

As mentioned Hannah and I were not here but Doug made this for himself. He really enjoyed it and ate a double portion 😆

Saturday: Gousto Lighter Chicken Korma with accompaniments. £1.63 per portion and 570 calories

This was delicious. I always really enjoy the curries from Gousto. They always have loads of flavour.

Sunday: Proper Roast Beef dinner. £1.35 per portion and only 524 calories per person

We rarely have roast beef so this was a treat. Everything was made from scratch and we even managed an extra batch of yorkshire puddings for the freezer.

Tomorrow, I will update on last week 🤦‍♀️

All the best

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