Week 10 and monthly savings update!

This week just sort of disappeared! I fully intended to write a few posts during the week but, it seems that I missed the boat on that one! oops! Well I would like to say the week was super productive but it wasn’t! I visited B&M twice (for stuff I needed!), collected my order from Dunelm and I did go for a long walk and a catch up with a Uni friend on Wednesday which was lovely.

Last night I did an online games night with some friends and I didn’t even go overboard on the alcohol. 2 beers! Not even large bottles either just standard 😆.

Recently I have started calorie counting and following the 8020lifestyle with Daniel Wheeler! I had been following him on Tiktok for a bit and what he was saying just clicked! It has totally changed my outlook on food! As i had mentioned a few weeks ago, we had inadvertently lost weight just from ditching the takeaways. I had absolutely no energy though and the weight loss then stalled a bit. I’ve been following this for 2 weeks and I have so much energy now! I actually got up last Saturday and did 3 workouts before my husband had even surfaced! I’m enjoying exercise again. I’ve lost something crazy like 10cm from my waist in a week! My skin is clearer from the amount water I am drinking and I no longer feel hungry or sluggish. This will be why all of a sudden I’m adding the calories to my meals on Instagram. We are still continuing with our usual meal posts on Instagram though. I even remembered to post every day!

Recently there has been a lot in the news about not being able to go to the gym and how staying healthy is good for you. I hate the gym. I only went because I felt like I had to. I have now found free workouts on Youtube. They are the best thing I’ve found. It takes like 15/20 minutes a day, I can pick which one I like, the kids have been getting involved and I even dragged out the old kettlebells! If you hate exercise then have a look at Get fit with Rick on Youtube! He makes walking fun!

I still can’t bring myself to spend money that isn’t in our budget! The savings we’ve been making have been such a push! Remember, we are doing no unnecessary spend so do have a budget for entertainement and little extras. This keeps the kids going.

Meals for the week:

Monday – Spanish chicken, patatas bravas, Aioli & roasted veg– 66p per portion and 550Kcal

Tuesday – Mac & cheese with garlic doughballs – 48p per portion and 563 Kcal

Wednesday – Grannies steak, onions & dumplings – 52p per portion and 386 Kcal

Thursday – Sticky chilli chicken with salt & pepper chips – £1.03 per portion and 479 Kcal

Friday – Butter chicken curry, naan, pakora, rice, poppadoms and dip – £1.94 per portion and 825 calories

Saturday – Pakora chicken breast burger with onion bhaji, mango chutney, mint yoghurt & spicy chips – £1.18 per portion and 637 Kcal

Sunday – Sticky jam roasted gammon (ran out of marmalade but jam worked!), proper roast potatoes, roasted purple and orange carrots, garlic kale & gravy – £1.13 per portion and 775Kcal

There is lots of leftover gammon so that will be used for sandwiches this week along with the 55 baby quiche (cheese, chorizo, ham & curried chicken) I baked this morning and a large pot of lentil soup. Lots of variety for lunches this week! I don’t spend all day on a Sunday doing lunch prep either. I spend 1 hour on a Sunday morning but this saves so much time during the week.

Gousto next week! We’ve actually decided to get two boxes this month because why not 🤷‍♀️! Remember you can get 50% off your first box and 30% off all other boxes in the month by using my code ZARA42119711 or clicking here. We honestly love Gousto as a family. It gives us new food to try and has really made me enjoy cooking again. We even cook together now!

We also have a whole week of fakeaways coming up in April where I will be videoing the cooking process so I can show you how simple it is and how quick!

Basically that’s what I’ve been doing the past week! Cooking, eating and exercising!

Oh I painted a bannister, sold some stuff on Ebay and built some beds 🤣! We got a new bed which in turn meant there was a sort of carousel that went on in our house. The eldest got our old double and then the youngest got her old double 😅. He has however slept like a dream since ditching his little single bed. He clearly likes the space.

Last week was the 1 year anniversary of lockdown number 1. It made us reflect a bit. We’ve realised that in the last year we’ve spent more time together and build really good relationships at home. Our home has been almost completely updated so feels better and warmer. We’re cooking every day and actually enjoying it and the benefits in our health are hugely noticeable! We’ve paid off our holiday to Florida. We’ve paid off all our debt apart from a credit card but we haven’t spent on it AND we have saved £2274.09! Yep! That’s right we’re almost at our original savings goal in just 10 weeks! That is almost 76% towards our goal! The best thing though is that all of these little things combined together mean our mental health is so much better and our general health! I think I’ve had 1, possibly 2 migraines in a year. I used to have them weekly and was on medication for them. I haven’t taken my medication in almost 3 months! We don’t lie around at the weekend anymore. We get up and out or we spend time together at home doing something productive. We’ve started to enjoy life more and appreciate what we have. Take it from me, start off with small baby steps and then you’ll get where you want to be in the end. We haven’t yet finished our journey but we are most def in a better place now than we ever have been. Just getting those little debts paid off has meant we feel free and that weight lifted has paved the way for so much more! If you’re struggling with anything then please reach out. I can try to help and If I can’t help I’ll find out who can!

Spent this week£0
Saved this month£1231.65
Total savings to date£2274.09
76% of the way towards our savings goal in 10 weeks!

All the best!

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  1. Sarah - SWB says:

    This week I have finally started Get Fit With Rick and he’s fantastic!


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