Week 8 update: Saving not spending

Yes, I am a day late but yesterday was Mother’s Day in the UK and we were allowed to spend time together in the garden (2 households, 4 adults). I received some lovely gifts from my own children and then I made afternoon tea for my mum and we could have a catch up in the garden. It’s Scotland in March so we did have to wear jackets but it was good to be able to sit with each other.

This week will be just a quick update on the week because I’ve uni deadlines, the kids are both back at school and I’m trying to use my time productively! There is a bit to get in though.

I forgot to take a photo of our afternoon tea but we served enough wraps, quiche, cakes, traybakes, scones etc for 4 adults and 3 children for less than £25 total. If we had purchased it already made then it was going to cost £96.50!

I started the week off by upcycling some furniture. It was beautiful but didn’t match our current dining furniture. One tin of paint later and it all looked much nicer! Don’t buy new furniture just because it’s the wrong colour. Paint it. Change the fabric in your seat cushions. Change handles or feet.

The last of my plants arrived from my birthday spending from Botanical Babe. I also bought a Mother’s Day box for my own mum and she received a pretty begonia. Yes, the fern doesn’t look great but I requested it be sent to me so I can try and revive it! It cost me £2 so it’s worth a go. I also got a free double dip so I feel I am winning at life!

All of these new plants meant I had to buy new pots for them. I was running out of plates to put them on! B&M had some lovely pots for a really good price. Including a dinosaur for my daughter and a unicorn that’s in my livingroom 😆 Never too old for unicorns!

Debenhams are closing down and my husband needed new jeans. I don’t know how he does it but they all had holes in them! Levi’s for £22 meant new jeans and they are good quality so should last. This is part of our clothing budget so doesn’t count towards our spending. However, if you are in need of some clothes then check out Debenhams. For Women, Asda also has some really good pieces in at the moment and they aren’t expensive. Remember, only buy them if you need them though!

The eldest child used some of her pocket money to buy some personalised cups for herself from Vinyl Hits on Facebook and Instagram. They are really good quality and arrived super quick!

On Thursday we went out on a 5 mile cycle! It was good to get out even if it was soooo cold! We had fun and got in our exercise for the day.

I seem to keep forgetting to take photos of our meals! Oops. However, here is the run down on the ones I did manage to keep a track of!

Meals (well the ones I can remember making):

Wednesday was chicken goujons, chips, peas & BBQ dip. This cost only 83p per person, was quick, tasty and really easy to make. We have a Ninja grill and Foodi 9 in 1 so we used these to cook them. However, we cut the potatoes in to chips/wedges, tossed them in garlic powder, salt and oil then put them on the bake setting for 20 minutes at 190c. The chicken was cut in to goujons, dipped in cornflour then egg and breadcrumbs then popped in the grill on air crisp at 190 for 20 minutes. These could also be put in the oven at 200c for 35 minutes for the chips and 25 minutes for the chicken.

Friday I managed to take 2 photos! GO ME! Lunch was some filled rolls, fruit salad, salad, small chocolate bar and a yoghurt. These rolls were reduced to 17p for 6 in Tesco on Thursday evening but in total it cost 30p per child (Yellow plate) and 64p per adult (Purple plate) but that did include the bowl of fruit salad to share between both of us. You don’t have to spend a lot to eat a filling and healthy lunch.

Friday evening was our trusty Gousto recipe for sticky pork with sesame rice and pak choi. This cost 53p per portion! We love this and all plates end up empty! Gousto has given us so many new recipes we repeatedly make! If you want to try it then you can use my link here for 50% off your first box and a further 30% off other boxes during that first month. You don’t have to get them weekly either. We just get one a month.

Saturday was another Gousto recipe but this time it was chicken biryani! Delicious! We added naan bread and some pakora but our Saturday night fakeaway cost us only £1.25 per person!

Sunday was a garlic & herb roast chicken, Yorkshire puds, cauliflower cheese, veggies, mash & gravy. This cost only 86p per person and was enough to feed 6 hungry people!

There we have it! Still keeping food costs low but we don’t compromise on quality. I would actually say we are eating better since starting this!

This week we spent £19 on the tin of paint and £25 on plant pots to house all of the plants! I was in B&M though so it could have gone so much worse if it was the old Zara! 😆

It has been 8 weeks since we started this journey and I don’t think I’d have ever imagined actually sticking to this! I’m glad we have!

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