Week 7: Gousto, offers, more food & a confession!

Another Sunday, another post. The last week has been a good week. We’ve enjoyed bike rides, park trips, outdoor movies and as a bonus…there’s only one more week left of home learning! I cannot wait to get back in to a routine.

My first botanical babe A&E plant sub box arrived. I bought this off my birthday money last week. Yep I’m old and excited about plants. Now just to wait on the rest (oops)🤦‍♀️! This is a super nice way to buy plants. If they’re a little neglected due to lockdown in the shop then you’re sent one long with a pot and instructions on how to care for it. I was sent this beautiful Calathea and the pot. It just needed a little water and a little more light. I cannot wait for my other plants to arrive! If you love plants to then go give the website a visit or if you want plant advice and tips then Tesni also has an Instagram and Tiktok so go and check them out!

Calathea from Botanical Babe

This week was Gousto week. Absolutely delish as usual. Remember using my code ZARA42119711 you get 50% off your first box and then a further 30% off every other box during that month. The Gousto meals are more expensive than our usual meals. However, We haven’t bought a takeaway for 3 months and we only get these boxes once a month. These are our replacement meals for the extortionate amount we used to spend on eating out. They are totally worth it! Where there is not a price due to it being a Gousto meal, it is £2.50 per person.

Gousto box

What we ate this week:

Monday – Homemade pizza & Garlic pizza bread – 67p per person

Always a winner in this house. The kids love being able to pick their own toppings.

Pizza making
Garilc pizza bread & Homemade pizzas

Tuesday – Bean & Halloumi Tacos – 81p per portion

These are so simple, tasty and super filling. I was distracted and didn’t manage a photo but I have made a version of these before.

Wednesday – Posh Fish finger sandwiches with dill mayo – Gousto

Today was Gousto delivery day. These were so good! Fresh, the fish was crispy. A fab replacement for a chippy without the calories.

Posh Fish Finger Sandwiches with Dill Mayo

Thursday – Harissa Halloumi Ciabatta with wedges and harissa mayo – Gousto

Everybody in this family loves halloumi. It is a fantastic replacement for meat because of the texture. These had just enough spice in them that the little one wasn’t trying to scrape the peppers off his tongue so they were a winner!

Harissa Halloumi Ciabatta

Friday – Chinese style chicken curry with salt & pepper chips and egg fried rice. – Gousto

This curry was amazing. The rice was good and so were the chips but, I felt we didn’t need both carbs. I ended up only eating my rice. Still a good, much cheaper replacement for a Friday night Chinese.

Chinese style chicken curry

Saturday – Sweet & sticky mustard pork with Salt & Pepper hassleback potatoes – Gousto

Tonight it was supposed to be chips but I was bored of chips. I’m one of those people that actually don’t enjoy the humble chip. I find them tasteless and a bit boring. I’ve spoke about Poppy’s “snacklebacks” before and love them so much that we substituted the chips for the snacklebacks. We will make this pork again.

Sticky Mustard Pork & Hassleback potatoes

Sunday – Toad in the hole with mash, veg & gravy – 84p per portion

Sausages are always a winner in this house and I think this is the second time in a month we have had toad in the hole. Why not though! 🤷‍♀️ It’s filling and pretty cheap for a Sunday dinner. This served 5 this time so cost less per portion.

Toad in the Hole (Spot the veggie sausages 😆)

What else have I been doing in the kitchen?!

I always meal prep for lunches and this week was no different. I made some mini quiche again. This time there were cheese, broccoli, spring onion and chorizo ones. These are only 7p each. 2 or 3 with a bit of salad is a perfect lunch. I made 36 of them! These are puff pastry popped in to a muffin tray and then pour on top your beaten egg mixture with a little grated cheese. Pop your toppings on.

Baby quiche

I also made a giant pot of lentil soup which used up some of the sad looking veg from the bottom of the veg drawer and a giant turnip that came in my veg box. It has made 25 bowls of soup for 12.5p per portion.

MY inexpensive belgian waffles were made again this week. Lots of different toppings for each person but my go to is Nutella and banana.

I can’t remember if I have mentioned before but I used to make cheesecakes and sell them. University, children, working…something had to give and it was the cheesecakes. However, I’ve had a bit of extra time on my hands lately so decided to offer a limited number of cheesecake stuffed easter eggs for sale. Any money made will go straight in to the savings. I had to practice so made these berry meringue ones. They disappeared pretty quickly and I had lots of mixture left to make dessert which was a bonus!

Berry Meringue Cheesecake


I had run out of cleanser so went to purchase some more. Usually, the No7 cleansing balm is £9 in Boots. When I purchased it was £7.20 and there was an offer on No7 products, 3 for 2 and then I received 10% student discount. I paid £12.96 for 3 of them! Absolute bargain That has saved me £14.04! It is also a really good cleanser.

With the winter weather and another long lockdown, I’ve been feeling a bit yuck. Tired, struggling to sleep and cannot get out as often as we would like. I needed to get some multi-vitamins. Hopefully these start to work but another boots offer of 3 for 2 and 20% off plus my student discount meant I only paid £2.80 for 3 months worth of them.

Boots is worth a look at the moment if you do need anything (only if you need it!). Remember the advantage card app has voucher codes so you can add on extra offers not given to everybody and you collect points on your purchases.

Confession box:

I went to Tesco. I saw perfect cushions for the livingroom. They were on offer at half price. I caved. They were £8 for the 2 of them. I won’t do it again.

We broke the £1k savings barrier and we’re still saving but at the same time we’re paying off debt. I’ll do a separate post on debt and how we are paying it off another time but it is so liberating when we can tick another one off the list.

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