What we won’t scrimp on…

I’ve talked a lot about what we save money on but there are some things we won’t compromise on. In general it isn’t because we can’t save on these item but it’s the old “Buy cheap and buy twice” for me.

Here are 5 things we won’t scrimp on:

  • Shoes – Shoes protect your feet. Badly fitting shoes can seriously damage your feet, legs, and back. Not many people realise the damage bad shoes can do to your body. We always buy shoes that are made for our feet. Don’t buy those beautiful shoes half a size too small just because they’re in the sale. We can also get some money back from the children’s shoes when they no longer fit. Dr Martens for school shoes, Nike trainers for dance class. They all may cost more but they are comfortable and when the children grow out of them which is inevitably 6 months later 😆 we sell them for around 50-75% of the price we paid so we don’t completely lose money.
Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com
  • Skincare & make-up – I have always had pretty terrible hormonal skin that I covered up with make up. Now I have pretty good skin that I enhance with make-up…notice the difference. Cheap skincare usually always has lots of chemicals, plastics etc in them. A bit like shampoo full of silicone. The skincare I was using was clogging my skin up and then I was just smothering it with cheap make-up filled with talc and other things if I had read I wouldn’t be putting on my face! There is a reason it is cheap. Now I purchase good, slightly more expensive skincare products such as Clinique & Murad. I don’t buy anything that is heavily perfumed, I don’t buy anything that can foam up. That doesn’t make your face cleaner it just makes you think that by, adding unnecessary ingredients. In terms of make-up it doesn’t always have to be expensive. It just has to be right for your skin type, not full of nasty chemicals and use it sparingly. Don’t be slathering your foundation on with your hands. Use a sponge, beauty blender or brush…whatever works best for you. Remember your skin is the largest organ in your body.
Photo by Shiny Diamond on Pexels.com
  • Food – We may have stopped buying takeaway’s but that doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on the quality of food we put into our bodies. We purchase good quality meat products. Our milk comes from the local dairy and our fruit & veg comes from the greengrocers. Before children both Doug and I were pretty bad eaters. Now, we have fruit and vegetables everyday. Our meat isn’t the cheapest you can find (unless it’s reduced of course) and we alter what we’re eating based on what we all want to eat. We don’t cook multiple meals. The children eat what we eat. You won’t find a turkey twizzler in our freezer 🤣. That’s not because there is anything wrong with that if it works for you. However, I don’t have the time to be cooking multiple meals and the children like making their own nuggets, fish fingers etc. They’re fresher, more filling and have less rubbish in them when they’re made yourself. We also support local small businesses by shopping at the greengrocers, butchers and having milk delivered.
Clementine’s of Broughty Ferry
  • Technology – You do not need the newest phone or the most up to date TV but when you purchase a product such as these buy the best you can afford. Technology and appliances are expensive. I would rather have 15 years out of my £1000 TV than 2 years out of a £250 one because over time you will have spent £1875 repurchasing the cheap TV 🤷‍♀️. That might just be us but having had all of our large appliances break last year it isn’t cheap to replace them and it isn’t fun when they break. That doesn’t mean you purchase a washing machine that connects to an android phone just because you can. It means purchase one that will last, preferably with a good warranty, a large enough drum for what you need and programmes you will use. Try and purchase energy saving appliances and technology too as it will save on your electricity usage at the same time!
Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com
  • Insurance – If you have thousands of pounds sitting in an account and you are willing to take a risk of burglary, flooding, house fire etc then go ahead. Yes, it might never happen to you but it can happen so easily and does happen to many people every day. Buy the best, most comprehensive insurance you can. Whether it is for your house, car, dog or holiday. If you purchase a £4k holiday and don’t buy insurance then think about it as risking leaving £4k on your doorstep in the wind and hoping it doesn’t blow away. When looking for a holiday, a car or thinking about getting a pet then include the insurance costs in with the purchase cost.
Holiday time

Lastly, do not scrimp on

  • Time together – As you get older you won’t think “I wish I went to work more” or “I wish I slept more”. Yes, it’s frustrating when you want more hours at work or you desperately need more sleep (Like me!) BUT you will think “I wish we made more memories”. I love photographs. I still have photos that belonged to my gran and I can remember what happened on those days. Who was there and what were we doing? These are memories and conversation I now have with my own children. Do not compromise on time with family and friends.
Spend time together

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