Week 5 update: Always about the food!

This week was a successful one. We didn’t spend any extra money. In fact, I made some money by selling off bits we don’t use or need through Facebook and Ebay. We made £40.69 so added that to our savings! Nice little bonus.

Next week will be the week we update our monthly savings total which I’m looking forward to! For just now though I thought I would update on our food spending. Spending on takeaways was a massive problem for us and probably the biggest reason for starting this journey in the first place. I’m super active on my Instagram and Facebook and have noticed the posts with the most engagement are food related! I also get a lot of messages asking for recipes so thought I’d pop some here. Feel free to ask for any I haven’t popped below.

Sunday is normally a cooked breakfast but today we tried to recreate some breakfast wraps. At 59p each they were delicious but they were so good I didn’t get a chance for a photo before the kids had scoffed them and mumbling something about eggs and cheese being good together 😆


Out of boredom I also made some bagels this week. We got 8 out of the mixture and they cost 5p each! We used 2 cups of self-raising flour and 1 cup of Greek yoghurt and mixed until we had a strechy but not sticky consistency. Roll in to balls then pop your thumb in the middle and shape in to doughnuts. Glaze with some egg wash and pop in the oven on 170c for 15 minutes. You could add fruit, cinnamon, sesame seeds or even food colouring to make rainbow ones! We were impatient and just did plain and ate them with butter.

In the last week we have spent £6 per head total on evening meals. The most expensive day was Saturday which went to £1.13 per person but it was a takeaway replacement so in the grand scheme of things we saved our selves a potential 95% by not going to the chip shop!


Monday – Pan fried chicken in a plum hoisin sauce with spring onion mash and garlic greens – 83p per portion

Pan fried chicken in plum & hoisin sauce with spring onion mash

This was the first time we’ve made plum and hoisin sauce but it won’t be the last. It was just the right amount of salty and sweet.

Tuesday – Dishoom’s mattar paneer curry, rice & naan bread – 83p per portion

Dishoom’s Matar Paneer

This did take an hour and a half from start to finish but that is only because we had to make the base sauce too. If we had a stock of the sauce it would have taken 20 minutes tops! It was so creamy, completely vegetarian and light enough for a mid-week curry.

Wednesday – Tandoori hassleback chicken, rice & mint yoghurt – 65p per portion

Tandoori Hassleback chicken

This is a dish we eat a lot. It’s quick to make but has an impact and there are always clean plates afterwards.

Thursday – Honey sumac halloumi skewers with flatbread, cous cous and honey & lemon yoghurt – 91p per portion

Honey Sumac Halloumi Skewers

This was so quick, fresh and tasty and will become a staple meal. Both children demolished these!

Friday – Teriyaki chicken Wraps & rice – 75p per portion

Unfortunately, no photo as I forgot🤦‍♀️ however, these were so good that I made an extra batch of the chicken for lunches for this week.

Saturday – Peri Peri cod & wedges – £1.13 per person

Peri Peri breaded cod & garlic wedges

Really tasty and so much cheaper than something from the chip shop. Absolutely no grease either as the wedges were air fried with no oil and the fish was baked.

Sunday – Jerk marinated roast chicken, veggies, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puds & gravy – 90p per person

Jerk Roast chicken

This was so good! Not as healthy as yesterday because I used some leftover ghee in the potatoes but the chicken was air fried 🤷‍♀️

On top of this weeks evening meals I spent today (Sunday) doing meal prep for lunches for the week ahead. I spent an hour doing this and this cost a total of £6.10 for the 4 of us. So that is £1.53 per head for the week!


Mini quiche – These cost 7p each and I made 30! I used shop bought puff pastry because I cannot for the life of me make it! Warm hands! Mixed up 6 eggs, a handful of grated cheddar. Pop a disc of pastry in the bottom of each cupcake hole in a baking tray, put a tablespoon of the egg mixture in them and then sprinkle on whatever toppings you wish. We left some as they were with cheese but we also have red pepper, spring onion and Chorizo ones. They’re so filling and quick. They then go in an oven at 180c for 12 minutes

Mini quiche

Teriyaki chicken wraps – 44p each and will make 5 wraps. These are more on the expensive side but compared to the pre-made BBQ chicken I was previously buying at £2.50 a packet which did 2 lunches, this is an improvement. I purchased the teriyaki sauce as for such a small amount this was less expensive than making it. Diced chicken, sachet of teriyaki sauce (I bought the Yo! One because it was on offer for 50p) and a wrap with some salad. Easy!

Teriyaki Chicken

Leek & potato soup – 18p each and will make 10 portions. Add a part baked roll for another 12.5p each and for 30.5p you have a hearty, filling, quick lunch. This was one large leek, 225g of potatoes, one onion with a tablespoon of oil in a heavy based pan. Once the leek and onion have softened I popped 2 pints of chicken stock in the pan and boiled for 20 minutes. Blitzed with a hand blender until smooth, added salt and pepper and 150ml of double cream that I had kicking about the fridge anyway.

Lunch prep for the week

There you have it! An insight in to our eating for the week. Feel free to ask for the recipes of any of the meals I haven’t listed. Equally, if you have a favourite takeaway meal and want me to try and recreate a budget version then let me know and I’ll give it a bash!!

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