Tidy house, tidy mind

I am no Mrs Hinch. I’m not entirely sure how that woman does everything! She does though and praise where it is due she does keep a clean and tidy home and she has a lovely family. I do enjoy watching her IG stories. It’s the self-titled “Hinch Army” I have a problem with as they sometimes do ridiculous things with chemicals!

I enjoy cleaning. Yep, I’m one of those😆! Along with cooking it is something I do when I need to relax and I feel life getting on top of me. Quick tidy up of a cupboard, clean the windows or change the bedding. No matter what it is I like the satisfaction of being able to see the transformation.

A lot of people won’t like what I am going to say but I am here to help people save money so it would be wrong of me to suggest going out and buying lots of unnecessary cleaning products.

Unlike some people I don’t have 30 million cleaning products under my sink that I absolutely swear by nor do I have shares in home bargains 🤣 I buy very little cleaning products because I don’t like the thought of my kids or pets breathing in chemicals and i don’t like wasting money. I don’t rub Zoflora on radiators or stick what is essentially expensive baking soda down the loo! I do use a toilet brush and don’t just chuck it and replace it. I use something called bleach to clean it. I actually worry about the planet and our health with some of the scary stuff I have seen online. I don’t use all eco products because for us a lot of them are more time consuming or expensive but we do not mix cleaning products.

My house is lived in but it is clean. I clean every day so I don’t spend hours at the weekend. I spend around 15/20 minutes a day cleaning and that keeps on top of it. Here is what I use to clean with.

Windows – don’t buy window spray it is just vinegar! I find it also leaves my windows streaky. I use regular washing up liquid in warm water. Use a cloth to rub it on and then use a squeegee to remove the water. Do not do it when the sun is shining through your windows because it will leave streaks.

Floors – For hard floors I use the flash power mop with a small capful of Zoflora mixed with water. I don’t do this when the children or pets are around and doing this once a week is enough. We don’t wear shoes in the house so the floors don’t get dirty as such, more dusty! I do hoover every day though.

Furniture – I use wood silk polish. It is cheap and leaves my furniture nice and shiny. I only use a tiny bit on a duster otherwise it can leave furniture slippery and nobody wants a slippery dining table.

Toilets, bath & sinks – I use bleach. Any old cheap bleach will do. Use gloves please. (I’m not Trump and do not suggest you touch it never mind inject it 🙃) Cold water works best with bleach. For harder to shift stains we do keep a bottle of black Harpic but it doesn’t get used often.

Shower  – We have wet wall. Horrible stuff, impossible to keep clean…well it was until I started using Viakal. Use gloves with this and keep the room ventilated as it can go for your eyes and chest

Kitchen surfaces – We use Fabulosa spray on the kitchen surfaces and that does the job perfectly fine. If Method is on offer then we will use that instead as we do prefer it but we’re on a budget so 89p v £3 🤷‍♀️

So there we have it! We buy 7 cleaning products but apart from the Fabulosa everything else lasts months! You only need a small amount. Please don’t douse your whole floor in Zoflora or turn your dining table into a slip and slide 🤦‍♀️

Shopping list

£20.34 a year!

Washing up liquid – Any old liquid will do but we buy the biggest bottle of Fairy we can get our hands on for £2 as we have a dishwasher so don’t use it often. It can last us 6 months.

Zoflora – Buy the biggest bottle for £1.99 and this also lasts around  6 months

Wood silk – The last time I bought this it was 89p but that may have changed. However, this lasts almost a year. I dust with a damp duster in between uses.

Bleach – a 2 litre bottle of thick bleach is 95p and lasts a year!

Harpic – This costs us £1 but as I said we don’t use it all of the time so lasts around 6 months.

Viakal – At the time I bought this for £1.59 and this lasts for around 6 months.

Fabulosa – 89p and lasts 2 months. This is what we go through most but we do clean our kitchen multiple times a day because we use it for preparing food and occasionally home working.

In total we spend around £20.34 a year on cleaning supplies! How many of you spend that amount every couple of weeks?

On top of this we also have washing powder, softener & dishwasher tablets but these are products we use because of problem skin so we cannot use certain products. Dishwasher tablets we buy in bulk at £10 a bag and they last around 4 months.

Next time you go to purchase cleaning products think “Do I actually need this” It is guaranteed that a lot of you are buying double the amount of products that do the same job because I was!

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