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Hello! From my last post it started to show that barely anybody knew about Shopandscan. I then started thinking about some other ways we save money and thought you might all like me to share these with you.

Some of these might seem obvious but lots of people also seem to think it’s a waste of time.



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I will start with shopandscan since that is what most people are intrigued by. This is run by Kantar worldwide. Kantar use the data to see what retailers people are shopping from, what brands sell best and how popular certain items are. Not everybody is accepted to this but if you are then you will be sent a little barcode scanner and a book with barcodes for different shops, the different people who live in your house, monetary amounts and barcode free items such as milk form the milkman or fruit and vegetables from a greengrocer. Every item you purchase and bring into your home you scan. You receive points for uploading your scans weekly and your receipts. Those points can then be exchanged for vouchers for a lot of different retailers including Amazon, Argos, Next etc. We shop online but can still take part by scanning the items as we unpack and then uploading a copy of our grocery receipt. As well as this your scanner number is put in a prize draw where you can win up to £100 of vouchers for a retailer of your choice. We see this as money for nothing. We shop anyway. It doesn’t take us long to scan the items and then we upload once a week on a Sunday evening as that is when we would normally organise the next weeks grocery shop. You are given £10 just for joining too. If you want to be considered for shopandscan then enter your details at www.volunteer4panels.com and if you are successful they will email you to give you the details of your scanner! This won’t make you a fortune but it does amount to around £100 a year which can come in handy for birthdays or Christmas time. They do occasionally send bonus surveys for £20 etc out too though.


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There are lots of places to get cashback on purchases. Again, this is free money. If you have to purchase something then why not get some money back from it. These are 3 of the places that I use though.

Boom25 – until recently Boom25 would give the 25th person all of the money back for their purchase. This included holidays, takeaways, electrical appliances and clothing. However, because of covid they have now capped this at 3%. Hopefully this will return back to the full amount once shopping starts returning back to normal 😆 if it ever does!

Topcashback – I use this website the most. Topcashback give the most cash back from experience. You go to their website, click on the retailer you are purchasing from and then go to the retailers website from Topcashback. It takes a few days but the purchase should then track and you will be eligible to withdraw the funds to your bank account!

Quidco – This website works in the exact same way as Topcashback but I have found that they don’t give as much cash back as their competitors. On the odd occasion they might though so it is always worth checking.

Loyalty card schemes

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Sometimes it does not pay to stay loyal to a store so please always shop around. However, if you are going to purchase from some supermarkets, chemists or food retailers then make use of their loyalty scheme if available.


As mentioned previously we shop in Tesco. For us we have found that the fresh produce from Aldi does not last as long as we need it to and we were just wasting money. Lidl & Asda may seem cheaper but for us they cost the same because we buy lots of fresh fruit, veg and meat. It makes sense for us to then use Tesco as their loyalty scheme is better than Lidl and Asda do not have one. Tesco give you 1 point for every £1 you spend. For us this equates to around £15 a quarter. We aren’t only shopping in Tesco because of their loyalty scheme but because they are the best for us. I know people who shop in Tesco and do not have a clubcard! That is ludicrous! Get a clubcard, use the vouchers. They also have clubcard prices so you get cheaper products based on what is on offer that week.

Morrisons and Sainsbury’s also have loyalty schemes but we find their supermarkets more expensive and they aren’t as close to our house.


We all tend to buy toiletries, shampoo, medication etc and some of us also purchase make up and perfume. Boots and Superdrug have loyalty card schemes. I do find them both more expensive for most items but occasionally they will do really good offers on fragrance and haircare etc. If you download the app too then they offer you vouchers for extra points which sometimes can be worth £10 a time. If you are a student then you can also get student discount of 10% on top of the points.

Household items

John Lewis and Boots appliances online both have decent loyalty schemes.

John Lewis can be super expensive but their sales are amazing and their electrical warranties are usually great. They also give you free cake and a hot drink every so often!

Boots appliances online. We had some unfortunate luck at the end of 2020 and our fridge/freezer plus our washing machine decided they had come to the end of their lives…in the same week🙃! However, whilst looking for new appliances we found some we liked on AO, they were on sale, could be delivered quickly *blah blah blah* I was then told by my mum that boots also sold large appliances. Turns out they are part of AO! Same appliances, same price, same delivery date but as a bonus we got boots points! If you are purchasing a large appliance then always check boots!

Food retailers

Everybody loves some takeaway food right?! Well we aren’t allowed to purchase anything right now but if we were then Nandos would be right up there. The youngest child loves a Nandos! Their loyalty scheme is decent. Spend £7 per visit and you get a chilli. After 3 visits you get a free starter or ¼ chicken. Collect another 3 chillis and you get ½ chicken or a single wrap, pitta or burger. After 10 visits total you get a single combo meal or a whole chicken for free. If you absolutely have to go out or get a takeaway then making it a Nandos could be worth it.


KFC have an app. You scan your barcode when you spend over £3 and they give you a virtual stamp. Spend £15 and get 2. 3 stamps gives you a free side, 7 gives you a free snack and 11 means £5 off your order. The best part about KFC’s loyalty scheme is they allow you to save them up so you can use all three offers in one order meaning you can get a boneless banquet for one with extra chips and a snack box for less than £2.

Remember do not shop somewhere just because you are getting loyalty points. If however, they have an offer on which means the item is less expensive and you were purchasing the item anyway then just use their loyalty scheme for an extra bonus!

Price match – compare

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Not many people utilise the price matching at retailers but please do! In the past we have purchased from AO and found the price to be between £50 and £140 cheaper either within 28 days after delivery or on a different website. AO every single time have straight away refunded the difference. For example, we purchased a ninja grill. It was £50 more expensive on AO but was going to be delivered quicker than ninjacooking. After a quick live chat and us sending the link to the Ninjacooking website, the £50 was refunded by AO. When purchasing a large appliance the price dropped 3 days later by £140 and after calling AO not only did they refund the £140 but they also applied an offer they had running for black Friday of £50 off when you spent over a certain amount which meant we received £190 back from them.

As far as I know Curry’s and John Lewis also price match.

Always remember

  • Only if you were going to purchase it anyway
  • Only if it is the cheapest place
  • Always use cash back and loyalty schemes where available!

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