Second Gousto box

Our second Gousto box arrived this week. We were £31 for 4 meals for the 4 of us. This was amazing value yet again! It arrived on time and was as usual perfectly packaged. This month we received a free bar of chocolate. This is 100% slavery free chocolate. It tasted ok but I am not the biggest chocolate fan and wouldn’t purchase it again. It was a nice added extra though.

Gousto box

This month we all picked our favourite sounding meals again. Child 1 picked Wednesday evenings carbonara pizza. This was really easy to make and tasted really good. However having to make 4 of them it was time consuming. I added mushroom to mine and omitted the bacon.

Carbonara pizza

Thursday night was creamy chicken potato topped pie. This was my choice. It was really flavourful, easy to make and huge portions. Child 2 is not a fan of leek so next time I would make a separate little portion for him as I ended up making boiled eggs! The other 3 of us enjoyed this though and there was so much that we’ve another pie in the freezer for another day.

Creamy chicken topped pie

Friday night was Doug’s choice. Sticky Chinese pork chops. This was the best meal so far this month. The pork was really soft, the marinade was the perfect compliment to the garlic, sesame pak choi. This will be made again! The sesame rice made it nice and filling and we ended up with 5 good sized portions.

Sticky chinese pork

Saturday night was our usual takeaway swap so we had the mild chicken curry & rice. This was Child 2’s choice. We added some chicken pakora, haggis pakora, onion bhaji & naan. This was soooo good! Full of flavour, not too spicy for the children and will more than likely become another regular takeaway swap with the Roghan Josh from last month.

Mild chicken curry

All of the dishes are easy to make and the ingredients are fresh and tasty. For this box our meals worked out at £1.94 per portion which we feel is great value for what we get. If we had one niggle it would be that the instructions are sometimes slightly frustrating when they want you to prep half way through cooking whilst continually stirring something. If all prep was done in the beginning then this would be much more preferable for us. That is a small gripe though and we will continue to purchase them once a month as our treat.

Remember, you can get 50% off your first box and a further 30% off every other box in the month by clicking here and using my code (ZARA42119711).

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  1. Sarah - SWB says:

    I’m going to add another vote for the chinese pork that was delicious!

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