Lockdown 2.0 – Birthday Edition🎂

One of the reasons we decided to start our no spend was because we had overspent on gifts last year. We felt so guilty that both of our children couldn’t celebrate their birthdays, Christmas wasn’t the same. Can’t have parties. It was awful watching them so we spoilt them. Not good for our bank account. That meant when it came to my birthday yesterday I didn’t want fancy gifts. I asked for afternoon tea and a hug.

My wonderful afternoon tea!

I did receive gifts. Lovely ones too but not crazy expensive. They were things I needed rather than things for the sake of spending money.

Thankful for my lovely gifts

I had a lovely day eating my afternoon tea, making pizza together, playing board games and just spending time together. Normally on my birthday we would have gone out for dinner. Lockdown would have meant a takeaway. However, no spend meant we made carbonara pizza from our Gousto box. It was delicious and quick. You can get 50% off your first box then 30% off all other boxes in the month using my code here. I receive ÂŁ15 off my next box for everybody that signs up.

Carbonara pizza – mushroom for me instead of ham

A standard birthday would cost £100+ then there are gifts on top of that. Yesterday it cost us £7.75 for the Gousto meal. That is £1.94 per person. The games we had and afternoon tea was a gift. It does not have to cost the earth to have a nice birthday. I don’t enjoy parties. Either throwing them for someone else or myself. I get stressed because I like everything to be perfect so I don’t enjoy myself. I’m constantly making sure everyone has a drink, food, somewhere to sit. Before it I spend too much money ensuring I have absolutely EVERYTHING and then I am so tired by the time the party comes I just want to be left alone (Mental Health is fun!). Yesterday for me was perfect. We stayed in our Pyjamas, I didn’t do any prep, we had fun and we saved. I also managed to squeeze in a couple of cocktails from my cocktail box that was gifted to me!

Cocktail gifts!

Celebrations do not have to be expensive occasions. I know I am not the only one guilty of this. Spent in the region of £20k on our wedding day and not only did I not eat any of the food (too much talking) or drink any of the drinks (Again, talking) but I don’t actually remember anything apart from the band and the time we had together with our photographer. What we actually did was spend all of that money for everyone else to have a great time, eat & drink at our expense. I do not regret our wedding but I regret spending so much money on it when we couldn’t really enjoy ourselves. Remember, don’t spend money to impress other people. Do it for you. Celebrations are supposed to be about spending time together…I missed speaking to probably 40% of our wedding guests!

I did receive money as a gift and I have put it in to my savings. However, I have been told I should probably buy something for myself so I may or may not remove some of it. Everyone will find out on Sunday once I have decided what I am doing (Leaning towards saving it!).

Can saving money become an addiction?!?

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