A typical week for us – Food edition

I was working out some costings for our meals and thought I would share. We could absolutely save more money by only having cereal for breakfast and soup for lunch but it’s Covid times and what else do we have to look forward to if not a slightly fancier meal! Below is what meals we ate last week. In brackets is how many portions I made.


Don’t judge me for my Christmas board!

Croissant = 34p per portion (6)

Nespresso coffee with milk = 23.5p per portion

Maple & pecan plait = 50p per portion (4)

Tea with milk = 6.5p per portion

Weetabix with milk = 14p per potion (12)


Cheese cheats quesadilla & salad = 29p per portion

Chicken quesadilla & salad = 62p per portion

Chorizo quesadilla & salad = 46p per portion

Soup = 24p per portion (20)


Chicken tikka loaded naan with sweet potato fries = £1.20 per portion (4)

Haddock goujons, wedges & beans = £1.18 per portion (4)

Chicken enchilada lasagne & salad = £1.80 per portion (4)

Quorn enchilada lasagne & Salad = 86p per portion (4)

Baked potato with beans, cheese & salad = 18p per portion (2)

Baked potato with beans, tuna & cheese = 68p per portion (2)

Halloumi & bean tacos with nachos & dips = £2.01 per portion (4)

Homemade pepperoni pizza = 64p per portion

Homemade spicy chiken pizza = 69p per portion

Homemade cheese pizza per portion = 44p per portion

Homemade Veg pizza per portion = 55p per portion


Belgian waffles with toppings = 35p per portion (4)

Sharing flake & marshmallow cookies = 52p per cookie serving 2 people (2)

Poppy’s snackleback potatoes (recipe here) = 26p per portion (4)

On average we spent £13 per person last week for all meals & snacks. Pre-covid I would spend around £6 per day buying lunch at Uni just for me! As I said we can do it cheaper but we have chosen not to so that we don’t become bored with it. The pizza making is always fun with the kids too!

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