Week 3 – Moving closer to our goal

Do don’t doubt! I wish i’d taken my own advice earlier!

This week was payday week. Usually this is the week where I feel atrocious. I panic that it goes in our account and then watch it go straight back out again! Well, this time that isn’t the case! I felt so much better because I followed my own advice. Not only did we still have money left at the end of the month but we know exactly what is coming out of our account. We also paid off all remaining pay monthly payments such as Klarna so that is much less to worry about in future.

I also found out that I was successful for a job I applied for. I really miss being in a classroom with children (Covid means no students in school) so I am now doing supply work which is super exciting! Anything I earn from this will go straight in our savings pot for Florida!

More good news is that the lack of takeaways mean we all feel healthier and Doug and I have inadvertently lost weight 😳!

A lot of this has honestly been small steps but they’ve had a big impact in such a small amount of time. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had our down days this month, after all it is January 2021 during a worldwide pandemic. We aren’t always the most productive, the best parents, great at helping with school work etc but the 4 of us are trying so damn hard and I am super proud of how resilient my children have been with the changes we’ve implemented. They both love a takeaway pizza which they can’t have any more so next week we’re going to make our own as a treat (slightly selfish because it’s also my birthday 🤣.

Poppy’s Snacklebacks

We’re still really enjoying cooking together. We’ve made some more new dishes which went down well. We made some snackleback potatoes from Poppy Cooks on Instagram (@poppy_cooks). These were so good I am sad I didn’t have anymore baby potatoes left to make them again. They were similar in taste to salt & pepper chips you’d get from a Chinese takeaway. This girls knowledge of potatoes is second to none!


We also made enchilada lasagne. A chicken one and a quorn one. This was a mistake (Laughing emoji)! I didn’t pre-heat the oven and they had to go in to our Ninja Foodi so had to be put in to small tins. They were so good though! Last night for our Saturday night takeaway we put a spin on some Mexican food. Homemade guacamole, chipotle mayo, halloumi & refried chipotle bean tacos with a side of cheese nachos(There are tacos out of sight). All completely veggie and totally delicious. This whole meal cost us £8.04 and fed 4 people so for the cost of one persons takeaway we fed us all!

Spin on Mexican Night

This week, we spent £5.24 on a domain name. You might have noticed the blog domain has changed to nospend.blog. However, that £5.24 covers a year of payments so totally worth it and makes it easier for people to find us. We haven’t broken our budget and we have managed to save another £70 this week! We can save more this week but to give a bit of leeway for any changes in Direct Debits I have left a bit extra in the account and once they’re all paid next week I will add it all on. We’re doing so well that I don’t want to add too much to our savings pot to find out I missed paying something. With the £70 added this week, that brings our total savings to £206.41 which is 6.9% of our goal!!

Spent this week£5.24
Saved this week£70
Total savings to date£206.41
6.9% of our way to £3000 in 3 weeks!

Remember if we can do it anybody can!

Keep wishing us luck

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