Plan Plan & Plan again

It’s that time of the week where i’ve to order our weekly shop. I know this probably isn’t a very exciting post but hopefully this can show you that it is possible to shop for a family of 4 for not very much and still eat well.

We have a Tesco delivery saver as for us we have found online shopping means we don’t spend as much as we would if we went to the store. We pay £7.99 a month and as long as our shop is over £40 we don’t pay anything else for our delivery. We receive our deliveries every Sunday morning. Remember what works for us might not work for you.

When it comes to planning our meals I plan a month in advance by asking everyone what they would like to eat. I then try to make sure we have a few veggie days, fish and not too many of the same things in a week. Some weeks that works and others it doesn’t but it is entirely planned around what we all enjoy eating. There used to be a lot more meat dishes but as a family we don’t eat a lot of meat and I have floated in and out of being a vegetarian for years (Bacon ruins it every time 🤣). A lot of the time if it shows a beef dish then it is made with quorn and I usually have a substitute for the majority of our meat dishes. I do eat fish. Here is an example of our monthly planning (slightly tidied up so people can understand it).

End of January through to February
Mid to end of February

We have Gousto twice within a few weeks this time around but that’s because it’s my birthday and we wanted a treat. The next Gousto box isn’t until March.

Once I have figured out what we’re having on each week I then write down what ingredients I need for each dish and then I go through my cupboards, fridge & freezer ticking off the ones I already have. Because we don’t eat a lot of meat we tend to buy in bulk when we do and then cut it up in to smaller portions and freeze it. For example, the gammon for the 7th is already in the freezer. Our shops mainly consist of fresh vegetables, some meat and then the kids snacks (trying to make more of these…they prefer bought ones though 🙃). I’ve included a breakdown of the week I have just shopped for. The tick means we already have it. I don’t want 11 chicken breasts either. I am shopping for 2 chicken meals 😆.

Weekly meal plan & shopping list

We don’t spend anymore than £50 a week and that includes cleaning products, toiletries & wine (thats a necessity…right?!). We probably could do it for less if we remove the wine, crisps & kids snacks but our aim here is for this savings goal to be in reach and sustainable. If we start taking away everything then we’ll fail and that is the last thing we want!

5 things to take away from this:

  • Buy meat in bulk if you have the means to freeze it. Over time it will save you money.
  • Buy cupboard staples in bulk such as pasta, rice, beans & lentils.
  • Every so often buy regularly used herbs & spices and build up handy stock to help jazz up meals.
  • Shop often and little. Less waste, less likely to want to grab a takeaway because you don’t want anything you have in the house & easier to plan for. If you can afford to buy a delivery plan for your local supermarket then do it. Less likely to go in wanting cheese and coming out with 6 candles and some bath towels!
  • Don’t buy it just because it has a brand name. Trust me, some of the lesser known brands taste far better and are much cheaper. For example, we’ve taken to buying soured cream from the polish fridge section because it tastes nicer and the tub is double the size!

If I haven’t already bored you so much that you’re drooling on your laptop by now then thanks for reading! I actually enjoy planning things so if you have no idea what to eat I would honestly be happy to try and sort a meal plan for you (free of charge of course) so get in touch!

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