Week 2 round up – Fresh air & exercise

This week felt slightly easier than last. Maybe it’s because we are getting used to not spending or maybe it’s because we are all busier. I’m back at Uni, Doug is back to work and the kids are both online schooling again.

This week was the week we had our Gousto box arrive. We have swapped our weekly takeaways for one Gousto box a month. It still feels special for the kids, we try new things and we get 4 meals for less than the price of 1 takeaway! I’ll do a post on Gousto tomorrow because it deserves its own post but it was delicious!

I’ve really enjoyed cooking again so i’ve thrown myself in to that. We’ve been out walking pretty much every day and the kids have been on their bikes. We feel healthier because of the food we are eating and we are getting exercise every day too.

It is still quite cold at the moment and I cannot wait for it to be warmer outside so we can be out more often. I’ve always enjoyed being outside and being in lockdown 2.0 gives us more of an excuse to get out for our daily exercise. We’ve spent less money but more time together which has been so worth it. We met some local wildlife on our Friday afternoon walk!

“Look Mum! He looks like Doug with his short legs” 😆

We’ve played so many games this week! Hannah was gifted the family edition of cards against humanity for Christmas and Ben has found he is actually really good at it so that always kills some time. We’re finding not being able to spend money on unnecessary things mean we’re seeking out things to do together wether thats reading books, playing games or cooking. It’s been really good.

Down to the saving side…

This week we didn’t spend any extra money! Apart from our grocery shopping we haven’t spent a penny. We can see our savings go up which is enough of a push in itself. We haven’t starved because we couldn’t have that chinese takeaway, we haven’t had nothing to do, in fact we’ve had more stuff to do because our diet has improved so we’ve not been lethargic and unable to get motivated.

At the start of the week we had saved £70.21 and this week we added another £66.20 which brings our total savings to date to £136.41. This means we are 4.55% of the way towards our total of £3000. Might not seem like much but it is only week 2! Next week is pay week so not only are we hoping to add more to our savings rather than spending on more stuff we never needed in the first place but we actually have money left a few days before pay day!

Spent this week£0
Saved this week£66.20
Total savings to date£136.41
4.55% of the way to our total!


  1. Sarah - SWB says:

    I get paid Friday and for once I’m not think ooh I still have pennies to spend, I’m actually saving them! Although I’ve still picked up a few treats over the month… wouldn’t be me otherwise 🤣


    1. Zara says:

      We’re Wednesday and It has been so good not having to think about what we’ve to pay out and instead it’s what can we save!

      Liked by 1 person

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