Where was our money going?

Where was our money going? That’s the biggest question we keep asking ourselves! We didn’t know! We sat down, went through our bank accounts and worked out as percentages where our biggest spends were.

Our bills were the biggest spend at 56% of our spending, food was 23% and gifts at 8%. Everything else was really low when some should probably have been higher.

How did we start to change this?

Bills was the biggest spend so we called the companies and managed to cut almost all of our bills down.

Broadband – we contacted them and they saved us £45 a month

Mobile phone provider – Going sim only where we could and cutting the contract for our apple watches (we never used the data on them) saved us £110 a month!

Home insurance – This was due for renewal. If we had stayed with the same company then it would have cost us an extra £11 a month but by swapping companies, using comparethemarket.com we actually saved £12 a month.

Total monthly saving = £167

Where else did we save?

I will write more in depth posts on these later but we have cut our food bill down by planning a month ahead and being savvy with our meal plans. We still treat ourselves but not in the same way we used to.

Cleaning products. During the first lockdown I had nothing else to do but clean! I spent so much money on cleaning products that usually were’nt very useful. I will write a post on what my favourite products are and what i wont be buying again.

Where will we be saving next?

By the end of 2021 we will have finished paying off:


-The final mobile phone contract

-Dougs student loan (this is from 2002!) and the ever elusive…

-Credit card.

Our aim

For our bills and food to come to 50%, our savings to be 25% and the further 25% to be spent on entertainment, shopping, holidays, days out and more self care!

I will include the below table on all of my posts as a running total. Spent this week will only have anything we spend above our budget for example, takeaway coffee. Saved this week is any money we have physically put in to our savings pot. Total savings to date is just that. How much have we saved up to now.

Spent this week£10
Saved this week£54.41
Total savings to date£54.41

Wish us luck!!

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