What and why are we doing this?

Do you ever get half-way through the month and think “What did I buy that for?” or  “Where did my money go?” We do.


We are a one income family because, I am a student. We don’t struggle but we have no savings left and we don’t really have much to show for what we have spent.

2020 was the year everything changed for lots of people! We felt lucky. We managed to save, we decorated the house, we sorted the garden and we were doing well. Until, October time when the children’s birthdays crept up followed by Christmas. 2020 was such a pants year that when it came to birthdays and Christmas we might have gone overboard because we felt bad that the children had spent months indoors, not seeing friends, not seeing family, not having the days out and holidays we usually would. That meant no savings anymore. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time! In one weekend 2 major appliances broke on us and the bad news just kept on coming. Now up to the hilt in finance payments trying to pay for these replacement appliances we realised that we need to be drastic! We have a suitable income that we should not have needed finance, we should have savings.


We have decided in 2021, unless it is an emergency or a necessary item such as new shoes for the children, a warm coat etc then we wont buy anything! We are hoping to have a no spend year! We have a big Florida holiday coming up next summer as well as my graduation and the eldest child starts secondary school so our goal is to save £3000 by June 1st 2022 to enable us to enjoy ourselves that summer.

I will document here how we are doing on a weekly basis. What we have replaced our takeaways with, what activities we have done with the children and most importantly a running total of how much we have saved towards our goal! Wish us luck!!!

Spent this week£10
Saved this week£54.41
Total savings to date£54.41


  1. Susan says:

    Great idea guys. Good luck xx


    1. Zara says:

      Thanks! I’ll have to burn my bank card! x


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